Farm to Keiki Favorite Picks

The affiliate links take you to Amazon. If you buy anything on Amazon after clicking any link below (does not have to be these items), Amazon will donate a portion of sales back to Farm to Keiki - with no charge to you! These extra pennies help fund this free resource hub for you! Mahalo! Of course, I also recommend to purchase what you can from local stores to support our local economy!

Keiki Cooking Gadgets

Crinkle Cutter
Banana Slicer
3 Set Nylon Knives
Kid-Sized Cooking Set
Stainless Steel Play Sized Cooking Pots and Tools. It says not to cook on the stove with thm, but I donʻt think hot water or a small flame will do much harm.
Mini cutting board_edited
Veggie or Dish Brush
Dining Wear
I havenʻt used these yet, but they are on my wishlist to try out!
Keiki Helper Stool
Kids stand on this to help reach the kitchen counter and sink. Itʻs time they learn to cook and wash the dishes!
Hand Mixer
No electricity needed - human powered!
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Keiki Gardening Gadgets

Small Gardening Tools
Gardening Set
I havenʻt used this set personally but itʻs so cute!
Full Size Kids Tools
I love these! Perfect size for 3-7 year olds!
Paper Pot Maker
Use recycled newspaper to make paper pots for your plants!
Seeds of change
Nice organic seed company found on Amazon! Seeds of Change
Small Watering Can
An ode to my youth - The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar! Such a cute lil watering can - good for toddlers and up.
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Kitchen Essentials

Cast Iron Set
I LOVE my Instant Pot
No Slip Mixing Bowls
I donʻt have this set but wish I did!
Favorite Knife
If I could have one knife, this would be it!
Compost Bin
Coconut Tools
For coconut water and scooping out coconut meat. The best!
Favorite Reusable Baggie!
Ditch the ziplocks and opt for these silicon baggies. I LOVE MY STASHERS!
It does the job, but is not as sturdy as I like. Kids love this! Needs supervision!
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Farm to Keiki Recommended Books

Old Makana Had a Taro Farm_edited
Feature veggie: taro (kalo in Hawaiian)
Love the CD!
Local Kauaʻi author and artist - husband and wife duo!
My Hawaiian Farm
Bananas, papayas, and more!
Good Night Hawaiian Moon_edited_edited
By A Local Kauaʻi Pediatrician and Artists Couple
We Eat Food Thatʻs Fresh
Talks about ways we process foods. I love the CD that comes with - Jamaican beats!
Food For Thought
This book is hilarious! They cut fruits and veggies into incredible shapes and objects! I love it so much!!
Puʻulei and the Everyday Rainbow
Illustrated by my talented friend Erin Makai! A sweet story that reminds us to slow down and look at the rainbow of beauty in our lives everyday.
Growing Native Plants_edited
The ultimate guide to growing native Hawaiian plants - Kauaʻi author!
How to Grow More Vegetables_edited
A fabulous gardening How-To book!
Hawaiian Gardening_edited
A quick read with basic gardening tips for Hawaiʻi. A nice start!
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