Here's a few helpful documents to help you get started...

Getting Started

2 page overview from the National Farm to School Network of how to get started with Farm to Early Care

Farm to ECE Statewide Survey Infographic

In 2019, Farm to Keiki surveyed  127 early childhood education programs in Hawai'i. Here's a snapshot of what we found!

Buying Local

Ready to start feeding keki locally grown foods?  Check out this doc from the National Farm to School Network.

Farm to ECE Statewide Survey Report

Read the full report and see the complete results of the Hawai'i Farm to ECE Statewide Survey. This is our baseline of Farm to Early Care in Hawai'i! 

Wellness Guidelines

Itʻs up to you to create a culture of health in your early care site. Use this guidelines made for Hawaiʻi early care sites!

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