Links to support activities from the book section "Meet the Plants"...

All activities will be listed on our new website in Fall 2020's a few to get you growin'!

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    Asian Veggies

    Glossary of Asian vegetables

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    Asian Veggies

    Video of two brothers who make musical instruments from Asian veggies!

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    Sing and dance the “Guacamole Song” by Dr. Jean. Change this to an UPBEAT tune!

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    How to grow an avocado seed in water. Click here to watch a time lapse video. (Does not grow a tree with the same quality of fruit. 

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    Sing and dance to "Go Bananaʻs" by Scratch Garden

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    Listen and dance to "One Banana" by Butch Helemano

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    Banana varieties in Hawaiʻi. Information, pictures and available for purchase

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    Listen and watch Andrew Huang ʻdrop that beetʻ with this cool video "Song Challenge: Beets".

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    A blog page about growing beets in Hawaiʻi

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    Moʻolelo - Story of the Ulu Tree - A story about Ku and Hina. Video by Kumu Keala Ching

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    Jam out to this Jamaican song - "Roast or Fry" by Chi Ching Ching 

  • Breadfruit

    The Breadfruit Institute. Fantastic resource for planting, recipes, curriculum, reserach, nutrition and more! Volunteer opportunities

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    Listen and learn to sing "The Carrot Twist" by Sam Jones

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    Grow carrot tops with the tops of used carrot stems

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    Paint carrots with keiki hand and footprints

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    Sing, “I’m a Juicy Orange,” by Jean Warren to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”

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    Make disappearing ink with citrus juice. Heat or put in the sun to reveal your secret message!

  • Coconut

    Make this your own.  

    Add the content you want. 

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