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Growing Healthy Keiki Begins Here

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This book makes it easy to teach keiki gardening, nutrition and cooking with fresh, Hawai'i grown foods. 

Learn to Teach Children:

Healthy Cooking

To Eat Farm to Table

How to Grow a Garden

Hawaii's Cultures/Plants


19 Plant Profiles

25 Lesson Plans

37 Nutritious Recipes

Recommended age group: 3 - 9 years old

The Hawaiʻi Department of Health and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has sponsored this free on-line version of the Farm to Keiki book! Mahalo to Hawaii's School Health Coordinator Jennifer Ryan for making this possible!

While originally written for Hawaii's early childhood education teachers, the information can be adapted for any age group or educational setting (school and home)!   

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Here's what a Farm to Keiki workshop looks like...

Our goal is for all children in Hawai'i to have access to healthy foods, a garden, and nutrition and environmental education. Want to help us reach more children? Every donation helps us provide free books, online resources and trainings to teachers across the Hawai'i!

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"It's not what we grow, but how we do it that matters most."

~ Gigi Cocquio

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